Friday, April 10, 2015

Handfuls of Scraps- by Edyta Sitar

This. Book. 

So, with all the goodies in the mail the other day, I also received this wonderfully inspirational book. Inside are photographs - much like the cover photo - of antique quilts made from what their creators had on hand at the time, aka scraps. Me? I LOVE scrappy quilts. When I first started quilting a few years ago (has it really been that long?!) I imagined the day when I would have had made enough projects to where I would have lots of scraps. Let me tell you, between being given 'scraps' for the PSQ I've been working on for over a year (again, what?!) that were actually pretty big pieces and buying small amounts of fabric here and there, I've accumulated more scraps than I thought was possible. 

I use the Americana fabric for my Farmer's Wife blocks, everything cotton that I can remember not cutting into yet for my PSQ (trying to cut over 4,000 2" squares and not really have any duplicates, phew!), flannel for baby quilts for friends, water themed and blues are being saved for this year's row by row as the theme is H2O, reds and browns for the 12" house blocks I'm supposedly swapping next month, more scraps for the bookshelf quilt, panels to practice quilting, and others I am sure to be forgetting. 

Of course, what does this book make me want to do? Begin a whole new project, that's what! It's right there in the cover- those beautiful, English paper pieced hexagons. I could totally do those while I'm sitting on the couch in the evenings watching tv rather than being here online.  Speaking of paper piecing and hand stitched projects, I was forgetting some things. I am also working on a scrappy pineapple quilt (paper pieced, but I've never tried English paper piecing) and red work embroidery for a snowman quilt. Did I mention I also crochet and just recently bought my first pair of needles to teach myself to knit? I. Don't. Need. Another. Project. 

And yet, there the book sits, cover staring up at me, wanting me to dig out more of my scraps and cut them into tiny hexagons. I did just learn how to reverse appliqué by hand and did recently hand quilt a twin sized flannel quilt (oh, no! Just remembered I still need to bind that one, ugh, my least favorite part), so I know I enjoy stitching by hand. Plus, it's highly portable- even more so than my redwork embroidery that's in a medium sized hoop. It would be another long term project, and I have PLENTY of those going on. 

Well, if you are like me and love scrappy quilts, you should check out "Handfuls of Scraps- Pieced into Amazing Quilts" by Edyta Sitar. Not only does it start out with a different quilt on each page, but it goes on to give you step by step instructions on your own scrappy quilt- including the one on the cover. I'm off to go work more on my current projects, so maybe-just maybe- I can someday make an English paper pieced Flower Garden of my own.