Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sew All the Stitches! Run All the Miles!

Perhaps this should be part of my motto in life. I sure have taken a liking to both sewing and running as of late. Plus, being a teacher on Spring Break at home after cleaning the house sure has its perks! 

I am currently working on paper piecing 10" blocks for a bookshelf quilt. It may or may not turn into a present for a friend, so I won't share any pictures. Although I am tempted because they are turning out so well, so maybe some teasers will come into play some time. Until then, here is what I came up with for Summer decorations for my burlap wreath I conquered last month:

Half a yard of shimmery tulle and a real starfish from France I somehow managed to bring back in one piece quite a few years ago for my (then) boyfriend (who is now my hubby!). Simple, yet elegant- just the way I like it.